Physical And Mental Illness Of The Human Are Because Of Insecurities

Yes,Physical And Mental Illness Of The Human Are Because Of Insecurities.Human Feels That Things On This Planet Are His Own.

But The Point Is If He Dies No Thing Comes With Him.

But Human Develops Emotions On The Things.

Most Of The Reasons Of Disappointments In Human Are Because Of Developing Emotions On Things.

Thing=Living,Non Living

Human Feels Disconnected And Dissapointed If He Loses Things On Which He Developed Emotions.


I Dont Want The Person Who Is Reading This Topic In This Blog To Develop Emotions On Things.

Like I Said No Thing On This Planet Is Yours, Including Your Body.

If You Want To Say That There Are Somethings Which Are Yours On This Planet Are Your Own Thoughts.

The Thoughts You Have In Your Brain Are Yours.

Expect Your Thoughts Nothing Will Be With You In Your Entire Life.

Develop Emotion On Your Own Thoughts.

Because Those Will Be With You.

Understand Your Thoughts And Contribute Your Thoughts And Understand That You Will Have Alot Of Thoughts In Your Brain Even If You Contribute It Others.


You Is Your Thoughts.

Your Thoughts Will Be With You And Which Are Called As Yours Until The Day You Be Alive.

I Want You To Not To Develop Emotions On Things On This Planet Except On Your Own Thoughts.

And I Want You Collect Alot Of Thoughts From This World And I Want You To Be Rich With The Brain.


I Call You As Rich Only If You Have Great Thoughts.

I Call You As Rich Only If I Feel That You Have Alot Of Knowledge About Things.


I Want You To Make Me Feel That You Are Rich With The Brain.

If You Are Rich With The Brain If You Have Enough Information About Things On Things Which Are There On This Planet You Can Earn Enough Money.


Money Is The Result Of Your Knowledge.

Dont Develop Emotion On Money Develop Emotion On Information And Knowledge, Money Comes To You.

If You Love This Post And If You Understand This Topic, I Want You To Share This Post With Your Friends So That You They’ll Get Contribution From You, Which Is Called As Thought Contribution And I’m Your Thought.


Collect Information About Things…


Smart Cherry…!

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