Mother Is Fantastic Manager

Yes, Mother Is Fantastic Manager.I Dont Think Father Or Son Or Men Can Be A Better Manager Than Mother.
It Is Highly Impossible For A Men To Become A Great Manager Than Women.
Companies Recruit Women More Than Men And Companies Gives More Importance To Women Than Men Because Men Knows That Women Can Manage Things Better Than Men.

If You See In All The Shopping Malls, Advertisements, For Promoting A Product ,Men Gives More Importance To Women Because Men Knows The Product Sales Depends On Women Presence.
Why Mother Is Called As Fantastic Manager?
Mother Is Women And Women Is Far Better Than Men In Management We All Know That.
Women Uses Her Brain Better Than Men.
It Is Highly Impossible For A Men To Win Over Women.

The Mechanism In The Brain Of Women Will Be Completely Different From Men Because Of The Gender Aspect.
If You Want To Give Respect To Work Of A Women, First You Need To Give Importance And Respect To The Gender Called Female.
Because Female Is Useful Specie Than Male In The Society.
Women Is Reason Why World Is Looking So Beautiful.
Without Women, I Don’t Think World Is Colorful.

It Is Very Important For A Men To Understand The Importance Of Women.
Women Can Construct, Women Can Destroy. If You Observe All The Mythological Stories, Wars Happened Between Men Only Because Of Women.
Men Fightly Moslty Because Of Women.
In Simple Words Men Is Fighting With Other Men Only To Impress Women.
Men Always Wants To Impress Women.
Men Always Tries To Impress Women.

Most Of The Time Men Fails To Impress Women.
Because It Is Impossible For A Men To Know What Exactly Works To Impress A Women.
Mother Is The Best Manager Because He Can Manager Men.
But Men Cannot Manage Women.
If You Are A Men, I Want To Know Whether You Can Be Successful Continuously In Managing Women?
But Women Can Be Always Successful In Managing Men.
If You Are A Men ,If You Compare Men And Women And If You Ask Yourself That Who Is The Best Manager, Your Mind Says ‘Women’

Today Products Marketing Is Totally Depended On Women.
Compare To Women Men Is Useless In Selling Products.
Lot Of Sales Happens Only Because Of The Women In The Companies.
Women Inherently Have That Ability To Impress Men And Can Convince Men To Buy Their Products.
In Simple Words The Bussiness Depends Totally On Women.
Men Will Never Buy Product If Men Is A Sales Manages.
Men Buys A Product For Sure If Women Is Selling The Product.
Opposite Gender And Attraction Aspect.

And It Is Impossible For A Men To Win Over Women, If You Understand History You Will Know Better Whether Men Is Good In Management Or Women Is Good Is Management.
Mother Is Fantastic Manager No Doubt In That, Not Only Mother Actually Women, Female, Girl Is Fantastic In Management And She Inherently Have Great Management Skills Which Can Convince, Change, Destroy The Thinking Of Men.

Thanks From Smart Cherry

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